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Mrs. Stoltenberg's Classes

Snack Helper

 Throughout the school year your child will get to be "Snack Helper!" The children get very excited about this opportunity and love helping pick out what to bring. They also enjoy handing out the napkins to their friends.

Please ask the teacher how many students are in the class and if there are any allergies.

 The snack helper list will be sent out the 2nd week of school along with snack suggestions, and will also be posted on the parent bulletin board right outside our classroom.

 Thank you! 

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Like "Christ the Life Preschool & Childcare" on Facebook in order to receive school updates and view photos. 

Weekly Updates

Every week Mrs. Stoltenberg will email a classroom newsletter including a picture from the week. Please make sure to read these newsletters to find out about all the fun we had and for important news updates.

We also have a classroom Walgreen's photo account where you can view and share photos from the school year! 


We will be learning a new prayer each month at snack time.


Check out Laurie Berkner's children music if you are looking for a new CD for your home or car. She does great sing-a-longs that have fun actions! Some of our favorites include "These Are My Glasses," "The Dinosaur Song," "The Airplane Song," and many more.